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  chlorphenamine tablets & solution

chlorphenamine tablets & solution

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chlorphenamine tablets & solution Description

Chlorphenamine tablets or oral solution contain a type of antihistamine medication known as chlorphenamine maleate. Chlorphenamine is known as a sedating antihistamine, which works by preventing the actions of histamine within your body. Chlorphenamine can be used to treat the symptoms associated with allergic conditions such as: Hay fever Nettle rash (urticarial) Food allergies Allergic reactions to insect bites Allergic reactions to some medications Reduce itching caused by chickenpox Chlorphenamine is available to buy online as either 4mg tablets or as a 2mg/5ml oral solution. Each box of Chlorphenamine tablets contains 28 tablets and can be taken by adults and children over the age of 6 years. Chlorphenamine oral solution is available in a 150ml bottle and can be given to children over the age of 1 year.

chlorphenamine tablets & solution Uses

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