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  Bebble Nappy Cream 75ml

Bebble Nappy Cream 75ml

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Bebble Nappy Cream 75ml Description

Make nappy changes a fuss-free joy with this gentle protective cream, and relish those special moments with your little angel. Bebble’s nappy cream soothes the delicate baby skin in the nappy area, where it is subjected to wetness and impurities. The cream’s active ingredients keep the skin dry and protect it against irritation. The mild texture creates a thin water-repellent film, preventing moisture from disturbing the surface layer of the skin. This cream is rich in natural oils and panthenol, and both protects and nourishes the skin. At each nappy change, clean the skin with a soft wet wipe or a gentle cleansing gel, and dry gently. Then apply a thin layer of the nappy cream to baby’s bottom and the folds and creases in the nappy area.

Bebble Nappy Cream 75ml Uses

baby-diapers rash-creams

Bebble Nappy Cream 75ml Review


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