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  Bella Panty Mini Global A36

Bella Panty Mini Global A36

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  • feminine-care pads feminine-care pads


Bella Panty Mini Global A36 Description

Anatomically shaped panty liners for everyday hygiene. Panty liners are designed for daily use, ideal to protect underwear against white discharges, perfect for light flow during first and last days of period. 

-Soft non-woven top sheet is very pleasant for the skin - 

-Air breathable materials let the skin breathe and protect the skin against rashes and irritations

 - Anatomical shape and only 3 mm thickness ensure discreet protection - Latex 

– free construction minimizes the risk of allergic reactions - Dermatologically tested

 - The smallest panty liners available in India assures very discreet protection

Bella Panty Mini Global A36 Uses

feminine-care pads

Bella Panty Mini Global A36 Review


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